Obscure Formats- Empires Fall

by Obscure Formats

Empires Fall 06:08
Chrome Faces 06:24
Detonate 06:25
Exit 04:19


“Empires Fall” the album’s eponymous opener, roars out of the gate like an enraged bull injected full of murderous hornets and adrenochrome. The steady, heavy beat drives the track into the forefront and center in your lane so you can’t escape it. “Crawl [Featuring STCLVR]” hits the acid techno freaks where they’re weak with genuine hot acid 303 action over a steady beat. Dark metallic synths write and slather themselves on this like a pit of oiled vipers over bones in a pit the rasping vocal from STCLVR whisper doom like ghosts. “Chrome Faces” comes on like a demented rave with off kilter synth stabs and a thudding beat, developing into a screaming banger with banshee wails and shuddering echo laden drums. “Control Group” brings in an EBM bassline with dark reverb drenched percussion from the depths of Berghain’s sub-basement and driving arpeggiated synths. “Detonate” pulses like the adrenaline kicking in while drums work subtly and slowly into a roving pattern of suppressive gunfire beats and sniper shot snares as it morphs into slow motion collapsing structures. “Underpass Cathedrals” is angular techno, arriving on the ears in panned echo while growling bass rumbles just under the surface of shimmery percussion and hypnotic synthesizers. “Scare Tactics” is the fight song of a giant’s rave fueled by an Arp 2600 synths and heavy, heavy bass. “Exit” closes the album with a subtle flavor, quieter than some of the other tracks but no less menacing than the rest. We all know the coup has been televised but when the revolution comes what will you hear? It better be this, the sound of empires falling as the new world emerges.


released October 19, 2020

All tracks by Robert Galbraith except
2- Robert Galbraith / STCLVR
5/7-Robert Galbraith / Elizabeth Virosa


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